Collins will not change kennel permits

COLLINS – The town of Collins will not be making any changes on kennel permits within the town, at least for now. The Collins Town Board discussed the making potential changes to the permit.

Currently, a resident can only have three dogs maximum. All dogs age 4 months and older must be licensed and have rabies vaccination. If a resident has more than three dogs, a kennel permit is required. Some residents previously came to the town board asking if a kennel permit would be needed for fostering dogs on a temporary basis.

Councilman Ken Martin said that a kennel is a physical building; he said those who do not fit the criteria for a kennel permit should not receive one. Jim Musacchio, town attorney, said residents can apply for a variance, but that could potentially set a precedent.

“(Residents) could apply for a variance, but if you approve it, it could open flood gates,” Musacchio said.

Martin suggested the kennel permits stay the way they currently are. Code Enforcement Officer Gene Degman said having more than three dogs in a residential area could be a problem. The kennel permit, he said, limits residents from having numerous dogs in residential areas. The town approved to not change the kennel permit criteria.

The town also approved to paying Southtowns Community Enhancement Coalition and pay the annual dues of $1,000. Supervisor David Tessmer was appointed to be the town’s representative on the SCEC board. A change order for $2,640 was made for window replacement at the L.K. Painter Community Center. During the project the contractor found deteriorated windows and door frames which required replacement prior to new windows being installed. The town also approved summer recreation and beautification workers.

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