Hanover vets memorial on paper, needs funding

HANOVER – From a sketch to an official-looking design, the plans for the Hanover veteran’s memorial are coming along. Now, the project needs funding.

Hanover Town Councilman Wayne Ashley, who first proposed the project almost two years ago, reported he had his idea for the memorial put to paper recently.

Ashley had an engineer donate his time toward making a design, but after an informational meeting it was decided Ashley’s original idea was better.

Ashley said he went to Silver Creek High School and had senior Tyler Steklassa help him create and print the design. He said Steklassa plans to go to college for graphic design. Ashley’s idea includes a circular brick path to seven memorial stones placed in a semi circle. The stones represent POW/MIA and each branch of the U.S. military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. A U.S. flag would be placed in the center of the brick circle and the corresponding military and POW/MIA flags would stand behind each monument. Ashley said he pictures the military monuments to be like the white headstones found in Arlington National Cemetery and the POW/MIA monument to be black.

Town Supervisor Todd Johnson said they hope to get donations from local businesses and veterans organizations.

“There are a lot of things individuals can donate like landscaping or the bricks … The markers and flag poles are the real crux to bear,” Johnson said, adding a 30-foot flag pole costs at least $1,200.

Ashley said a raffle fundraiser for a gas grille donated by the Silver Creek Fireman’s Club is going on now. Tickets can be purchased at the town clerk’s office. Others who wish to donate can do so by going to Community Bank in Silver Creek and asking to donate to the Hanover Veterans Memorial fund.

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