Mailing a first step in exposing ‘extreme’ positions


As Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign manager, and the person responsible for the mailing which was called dishonest in your editorial “Campaign item is just wrong” (April 14), I thought I would take this opportunity to respond.

In the race for Congress between Tom Reed and Martha Robertson, there will be clear contrasts between the candidates. The mailing you referenced began to outline just a few of those contrasts. First, on the economy. It is a fact that Martha Robertson has publicly stated that she believes the “most important issue” in this campaign is global warming. While we can argue whether or not global warming is, in fact, an issue, most voters in Northern Chautauqua County would agree with Tom Reed that jobs are the most important issue right now. The mailing clearly made that point.

Second, as most of your readers are well aware, from day one Tom Reed has worked with local leaders like state Sen. Cathy Young and state Assemblyman Andy Goodell, to save the NRG plant in Dunkirk. Tom supports safe natural gas development and supported repowering NRG Dunkirk with natural gas.

In contrast, Martha Robertson is vehemently opposed to natural gas development. She founded the group of New York elected officials working to prevent natural gas development in this state, potentially costing thousands of jobs. It is a fact that in testimony to the Public Service Commission, Robertson called repowering Dunkirk a “false choice” and opposed natural gas conversion at Dunkirk. Her plan would have meant the closure of the plant.

The OBSERVER editorial stated, “In the mailer, it says that Robertson was against repowering the Dunkirk plant.” This is not in fact true. The mailer says Robertson “opposes converting local power plants like Dunkirk and Lansing to natural gas costing us jobs and raising our energy bills.”

There is nothing dishonest about exposing Martha Robertson’s extreme left-wing positions. As your readers learn more about their choice this November, I am confident that they will join Tom Reed in a fight for jobs and our future.

Seth Wimer is campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Tom Reed.