Cassadaga officials discuss brush pile, water problems


OBSERVER Staff Writer

CASSADAGA – The employee handbook, brush pile and water problems were the hot topics of the evening recently for the Cassadaga Village Board

Attorney Mike Norris went over the employee handbook at the board meeting, highlighting the major changes.

Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony spoke of the public comments portion of the meeting and how it needs to be used more properly.

“Anyone showing abuse will be asked to leave the board meeting and won’t be considered in the future for comments,” Lazarony said. “Comments are not used for personal matters involving the board, but for business only, and should only be about five minutes long.”

Norris updated the employee handbook to include the removal of one small paragraph involving trustee supervision over their appointed tasks. Trustees will now be able to supervise what happens in their own areas.

The brush pile is a growing concern in the village and several think it may be a good idea to allow residents to use it for fill or sell it to a company for recycling.

“Companies can grind it up and use it for different things,” Lazarony said.

Norris cautioned the board.

“We have liability issues over the pile because it is on our property,” he said.

Superintendent of Public Works Tom Fetter believes contractor Steve St. George of S. St. George Enterprises in Fredonia would be better off taking the whole brush pile to use for recycling.

Trustee Michael Lehnen commented on the Cassadaga Fire Department.

“We had 16 calls at the fire department,” he said. “We have been really busy.”

Deputy Mayor Jeff Frick stressed over the water problem.

“More and More people are complaining about the water,” he said. “It is time the contractor fixed it.”

Lazarony said she has been in constant contact with them and they will make this right.

Fetter is in the pump house all the time dealing with hassles.

“This is something they (the contractors) need to fix,” he said.

Lazarony asked if it would be better if they shut the new pump down for now and went back to the old one.

Trustee Ron Dechard’s opinion is this problem has gone on too long.

“The water is so bad it shoots out air and then I see the bubbles,” he said.

Lazarony knows everyone is aware of the problems and wants to make the choice to go back to the old pump until the new one is fixed.