City Hall meetings coming live to your TV

Coming soon to Time Warner Cable, all Dunkirk City Hall meetings will be presented live on Channel 12 or 19.1 depending on your cable set up.

Starting in the end of April, a $300 camera will be mounted on the wall of the conference room to feed through the live footage with a flip of a switch, which should be up and running by mid- May.

Dunkirk High School teacher William Smock has been officially appointed to run the show.

“I have a breakdown of all the things they have been doing to get this done,” Mayor Anthony Dolce began as Wednesday’s Dunkirk Cable Board meeting started. “Smock has been in the Stearns Building every night for the past two weeks doing inventory of everything. After that he is going to take everything useable to the (high school) studio.”

Cable Board member John Lamattina noted the high school has already been doing meetings live and it is free.

“That is the best part,” Dolce said about the live access being free. “This is going to be great.”

The goal is to get council meetings back up and running live … but what about the courtroom?

“The courtroom is tricky because of security,” Dolce added. “… but he (Smock) might have an idea.”

There will be on-location set up at the new studio in the high school. Hopefully graduations, festivals, games and events will also be streaming live.

Lamattina is glad the board is seeing action on this and not just talk.

“Some of the Access 12 Channel stuff will be scrapped and some of it we might be able to sell,” Dolce said. “We will get something out of it.”

The Access 12 Channel in the Stearns Building will be closed down eventually.