Coming clean near the water

How about a tip of the hat to the volunteers from Fredonia State University who helped clean up Dunkirk’s Point Gratiot Park.

It was a learning experience for 75 students whose efforts left the beach area in much better condition than when they arrived on Sunday. “We see people from all across the majors, not just Earth Science, participate in the cleanup,” said university English professor Christina Jarvis. “Events like these inspire students to take action and translate what they’re learning in the classroom into their everyday lives, and they realize a simple, individual act can make a big difference when they work collectively.”

In all, nearly 370 pounds of trash were collected by the students in the park area alone. That’s a tremendous amount, which is also a bit disappointing.

Residents – here and across the Great Lakes – are privileged to live near a natural wonder. When someone litters along the beach and the waters, it affects life’s greatest resource.

That resource, on Sunday, received some added TLC thanks to the students.