Gerry discusses options for town hall

GERRY- The Gerry Town Board is continuing to discuss future possibilities for its town hall.

Based on a map provided by the County Real Property Tax Department, Gerry has the room to add on space at the current town hall. The town says the hall is too small and is in need of updates. If the town decides to add room, it must be discussed with the Gerry United Methodist Church, which is situated in the same parking lot as the hall.

Supervisor John Crossley received a quote from Access Elevator for an in-line elevator to have access to the second floor for $16,000-18,000 with a concrete landing that would need to be placed. Supervisor Crossley said there is money set aside for an architect to review and one should attend a board meeting to see the options.

Dave Crossley, zoning officer, said he knew someone who would do that for a decent price. He also said a grant could possibly be received for restrooms, railings and more in connection to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Dave Crossley said Charlotte received a large grant from the Office of Court Administration for their courtroom.

In other news, in the town board meeting earlier this month, Cherin Mehs asked the board if it was possible for the town clerk to collect donations for the flags again this year. Donations are set at $20 per flag and checks should be made out to the Town of Gerry. Supervisor Crossley suggested there should be copies of every check made that is collected.

Mehs also asked about the water that was left over from the town picnic and whether it could be donated along the parade route. Brian Anderson, highway superintendent, said the water is gone and the parade committee would have to purchase water this year for the route.

David Hall asked the town board if there was enough money in the celebrations account to buy new flags. Supervisor Crossley asked Hall how many would be needed, and Hall said about 50 3-by-5 inch flags. Supervisor Crossley will get back to Hall on the number of flags that can be bought after looking into how much money is in the account.

Supervisor Crossley will be the master of ceremonies for the Memorial Day festivities.

Mark Tarbrake, District 9 legislator, asked the board who pays for the demolition of a property that has burned and has to be demolished. Supervisor Crossley said he would need to check with Dave Crossley, but the way he understood it was the house was insured, and the insurance would have to pay for it. However, the town will be using their credits at the land fill to get rid of the debris.

Supervisor Crossley will be contacting Dave Crossley about the proper protocol if a property damaged by fire was not insured. The board will find out if the town will have to pay for the demolition of the hypothetical property and get back to Tarbrake on the issue.

Anderson asked the town board about shutting off Shelters Road the same way Ellington has done on their end of the same road. In March’s meeting, William Duncanson Jr., town attorney, said that there is a liability concern at the location as there is a steep ravine on the road – which was the reason Ellington decided to close it down. Duncanson suggested that the landowner within the town on the road should be contacted for a meeting to discuss the abandonment of Shelters Road. The landowner will have access to the property from Engdahl Road.

Town Clean-up Day is scheduled for Saturday at 9 a.m. in Sinclairville.

The board approved the acceptance of county and state bids for highway items except fuel and crushed stone that would fall under the Best Value Local Law the town has in place.

Dave Crossley asked for advice from the town board regarding a property that started building without a permit. It was agreed for him to charge the base fee, which would be the amount by square feet on the zoning schedule.

Supervisor Crossley has been in contact with a liaison for the armed forces again regarding the Army Reserve Center.

The board approved Recia Myers, town clerk, to attend a meeting regarding Workers’ Compensation Loss Control/Claims in Mayville at the Gerace Office Building on May 6 at 9:30 a.m.