Chapin Road bridge culvert project awarded

SHERIDAN – After several years in production, a deteriorating bridge culvert on Chapin Road will officially get some much-needed fixing, as part of a new project.

The Sheridan Town Board, during a recent special meeting, awarded the bid for the replacement project to S. St. George Enterprises Inc. of Fredonia for a total cost of $178,774. The contractor was the lowest bidder, with the highest out of seven total bids at $338,800.

“We’re going to be ripping out an existing culvert on Chapin Road and replacing that with a new box culvert,” Highway Superintendent Jeffrey Feinen said in a phone interview. “Some of the money is going to come out of my account this year, and the rest will be either bonded or a bond anticipation note will be issued, I’m not exactly sure yet on that.”

Feinen added the current culvert is in poor condition.

The project has been in production for the past few years due to engineering work.

“When we originally told them to start engineering it, I let them know there was no hurry, that it just has to get done in the foreseeable future,” he said. “It’s finally good to start getting the shovel in the ground.”

Once the board passes a financing plan, a 30-day waiting period for a possible permissive referendum will commence. Afterward, a 20-day promissory estoppel period should take place for the project agreement to be finalized, then construction can begin five days after the board issues a notice to proceed.

Work should take no longer than 60 days to complete.

“I don’t think it’ll take the full 60 days; it’ll probably be a four-week process,” Feinen explained. “The biggest part of it is going to be ripping out the old structure and getting it set for the new structure.”

Chapin Road will be closed to through traffic during construction.

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