Happy 450th birthday, William Shakespeare!

The Fredonia Shakes-peare Club met recently at the Shorewood Country Club to mark the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth. The annual commemorative luncheon is one of a number of grand traditions that have been regularly observed throughout the club’s 128-year history.

A highlight of the organization’s year, the event follows the conclusion of the membership’s weekly presentations of papers devoted to a general topic. This year’s topic was “Creativity and the Spark of Genius.”

Starting with beverages and appetizers, the luncheon festivities opened with ‘Words Of Wisdom” by President Mrs. Robert Woodbury and was followed by the traditional ceremonial toast, proposed by Vice-President Mrs. Louis Richardson as the group observed this most auspicious date in the history of world literature.

The luncheon’s main course was followed by a lavishly decorated White Chocolate Almond Cake, especially baked for the occasion by Ms. Alyssa Vianese, granddaughter of member Priscilla Bernatz. The cake was cut by next year’s President-elect, Florence McClelland, in accordance with the established tradition of the club.

This special afternoon concluded with a game, “A Test of Knowledge and Memory: “Did I say that?” which tested the membership’s recollection of material drawn from the presentation of the year’s weekly topical papers. Prizes were awarded accordingly.

The final meeting of the 2013-2014 Shakespeare Club year will be the annual picnic on June 19. At that time, the group will schedule 2014-2015 weekly papers devoted to the chosen general topic: “Women of Achievement.”