Career Fair Day enriches minds

SILVER CREEK – Enriching the minds of middle and high school students was the ultimate goal of the presenters at this year’s Career Fair Day held at Silver Creek Central School.

For the first time Forestville Central School collaborated with Silver Creek to ensure students from both schools got the proper career driven motivation.

Middle school grades seven and eight participated in the morning event; high school grades nine and ten enjoyed the afternoon event.

The sixth and seventh graders gave “rave reviews” of their experience. Overall the day was a huge hit.

Silver Creek High School Principal James Klubek spoke honestly about what this day means.

“The reason for this day is so that students have an idea of what they want to do with their lives,” he said.

“Make sure the time they spend here is going toward what they want to do.”

Silver Creek School Counselors Alison Gondek and Mark Baldelli, along with Forestville School Counselors Brianne Hazelton and Melissa Press, pulled together to make this day possible.

“We reached out to business professionals in our area, which included graduates from Forestville and Silver Creek to give an overview of their career,” Gondek said. “This is to spark interest in their career and education.”

The students are given a schedule of career presenters and placed into groups; each group gets 18 minutes with five different speakers.

“We explained to the students this is not about choosing a career at this point but seeing what is out there,” Gondek said. “It is about listening to what they have to say and gaining knowledge from them.”

“They take time to inspire the students,” Press agreed with Gondek. “They are doing a beautiful job really engaging students along an interesting career path. The students will be more committed now. Everyone does better when they are reaching for a goal.”

Gondek concluded what’s most important is that all the students succeed in life.

“We really want students to have a connection with what they learn now in a classroom and apply it to a future plan,” she said.

Silver Creek graduate and Cresthill Suites Marketing Director Megan Rechin absolutely wanted to be part of this day.

“I like to have high school students intern for me and ask me how to get the best out of their education,” she said. “I think it is awesome that they are really interested in what I do.”

Rechin travels all over the world, mostly Europe, and knows Spanish fluently.

“I got a very good education here. I speak about Silver Creek everywhere I go,” she said. “I tell the students to appreciate the education they get here and the community they live in.”

Gondek wants everyone who gave their time today to know how much it means to them.

“We truly appreciate the professionals who came out today and took time out of their work day for us,” she said.

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