Thanking a reader

This is a “thank you” column. I can’t number the many blessings I get from writing this column! I want to thank all of you who stop me on the street to tell me how much you appreciate and look forward to the column every week. I guess I should thank all of you who say nothing too, because you’re too nice to tell me off. Anyway, today I received a beautiful letter from Elaine Hogan of Brocton. It brought tears to my eyes because I know there’s at least one person out there who is using my philosophy of how to live a happy life and pass it on to others. Elaine has given me permission to share her letter.

Elaine moved to Brocton because her daughter lives there. She used to live in Virginia. (Their loss is our gain.) Here’s what she wrote:

“What I like most about your article is the message I hear you crying out is that each one of us have gifts and talents that God has given us that not only bless us, but will bless others, if we will but share them. That if each one of us will use what is in our hand to give and bless our neighbors, then we will be blessed, our community will be blessed, our nation will be blessed, and the world will be blessed. And it all starts with ONE!”

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Elaine goes on, “I read and see each week you are one who is doing this and trying to get others to do so. Not with large showy things, but very small deeds of kindness, but also standing in boldness at times for the things we value that have made America a great nation.”

Elaine too believes that one person can make a difference and wanted me to know I was making a difference through my writing so she wrote me a letter. She has learned that each of us has to act on what we believe. If you don’t take action, the benefit or difference is lost.

An example she gave me was her neighbor had cleaned the snow off her car, swept off her steps, delivered her paper and cleared off an area where the dog she was “dogsitting” could go to the “rest” room. Then Elaine made this observation “it’s the small things in life that add up to the large things in life.”

Here are some of the things Elaine said we can do. We can mentor, teach, share, pray and listen. We can feed the hungry one at a time. We can clothe the poor one at a time. We can share home, hope, write, encourage, e-mail, text worthwhile things. We can share books, movies. Wow!

Look at all the positive things Elaine has given us! What a wonderful example she is on opening our eyes to all our abilities!

I love that quotation “Open your hands and I’ll open my heart.” It will also work if you reverse the nouns.

Let’s talk about sowing seeds and harvesting. These two activities fit right in with our thoughts.

When you sow seeds, you give out. Keep in mind the seeds you sow produce things that don’t look or taste like the seeds you sowed. The seeds are dry. What they produce is often juicy.

To continue, when we harvest, we keep the end product as food. Each serves a purpose, but if you hadn’t taken the action of sowing, there wouldn’t be any harvest! We must be doers!

It’s contagious! Who are you going to infect today?

P.S. I wrote this awhile ago and just put it away. Today I think it’s time to share it. Thank you, Elaine.