One young lady; two awards

Rachel Rosas received both the Manus Christi (Hands of Christ) Award and the Altar Server of the Year awards recently.

A senior at Dunkirk High School and a member of St. Joseph Parish in Fredonia, Rachel understands and shows compassion to people of all ages. She is relied upon by her peers for counseling due to her spirituality and good judgment. She sees, hears and feels the needs of others, yet her sense of humor keeps her from taking herself or others too seriously.

Serving on the Altar since 5th grade, Rachel Rosas received the honor of Altar Server of the Year from St. Joseph Parish, Fredonia. Rachel has been a reverent and consistent presence in service during Masses for the past 7 years.

Rachel received the Manus Christi award from Bishop Richard Malone in February at the Annual Diocese of Buffalo youth convention. In March she joined other altar servers from around the Diocese of Buffalo. This time Bishop Malone presented her with her altar server award.