Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


FLOWER DONATIONS – The village of Fredonia has run into some difficult times with its budget. One of the things the village decided to cut was flower planters. But officials realized that some residents may be able to make up the difference, so Mayor Stephen Keefe put out a plea to the general public, asking for donations. In less than two days, the village had 25 flower baskets donated. Volunteers are also committed to watering the flowers. “I’m very impressed. So many people care so much about how the village looks. It’s greatly appreciated, all the help and support we’re getting on this.” It’s another example of how residents will step up to the plate when asked.

CHEERS – Competitive cheerleading is now a state-sanctioned sport. The state Board of Regents voted unanimously in favor of the measure earlier this week. New York is the 35th state to make this ruling. Participants in competitive cheerleading know how hard they work; it’s about time they’re recognized properly. Also, by making competitive cheerleading an official state-sanctioned sport, it will help ensure that coaches are properly trained and that schools follow a common set of standards. It was the right move.

HUNTING AND FISHING – Thursday was the opening of spring turkey season, which is probably the second-most popular hunting sport locally, next to whitetail deer. Also, today is the opening day of walleye season. Although we may wish May was a little warmer, hunting and fishing are a couple more good reasons to get outside and shake off the winter blahs.


GOWANDA BUDGET – Trustee Carol Sheibley got it right. She was the only member of the Gowanda Village Board who voted against this year’s budget, which is $28,000 higher than the state tax cap. The police department budget went up nearly 10 percent, adding another full-time officer and a new police vehicle. There is a reason the state has instituted the tax cap; villages should be more careful with taxpayer money. Whether you believe in the need for a new vehicle or a new full-time employee, it is too costly. The approval should not have been done.