Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union wraps up VITA Program

Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union is wrapping up an extremely successful tax season. Southern Chautauqua FCU has prepared taxes free of change through the VITA Program for the last seven tax seasons. This year, it has increased the number of returns by over 100 percent. SCFCU prepared 380 tax returns for free.

Other impressive statistics are that SCFCU helped bring more than $266,000 back to our community through Earned Income Tax Credits. Additionally, refunds totaled more than $565,000.

John Felton, CEO commented, “We want to be a resource to Chautauqua County and what better way to help than bringing over half a million dollars back to our tax clients. Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union helped to spread the word about the Doorways 2 Dreams program. Fifty people participated, by saving a portion of their refund. Five of the 50 participants won $100 each!”

Anyone who meets the generous income guidelines can become a VITA tax client at Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union. We prepare taxes whether the client banks with us or somewhere else. We have worked cooperatively with the United Way during past tax seasons and have grown to become a stand-alone site.

VITA Coordinator Jenn Johnston received a thank you note from a VITA client that expressed appreciation for preparing the tax return by saying that we took a weight off of her shoulders.

Johnston said, “Helping people keep more of their hard earned money is thanks enough, but getting a hand written note is so special.”

Southern Chautauqua FCU has committed to supporting and growing the VITA program by training staff volunteers to prepare taxes.

Felton said, “Through the efforts of the staff and administration of the credit union, we have made a real difference for those 380 people who came to us for free tax preparation and we look forward to tax time next year.”