Mayville: Deception pays off with raise

How would an individual respond as an employer if he or she found out a worker had falsified his time cards? Would that individual give the worker a raise?

Probably not, because the individual would have a sense of betrayal and anger – and the funds ultimately will come from the individual’s business or their pocket.

How does a government respond to the outright deception? In Mayville, they gave the employee a raise.

Why? Because it is not money coming out of their pocket. It is a guaranteed pot made up of taxpayer dollars.

And it happened last month. Fortunately, one Mayville village trustee, Tye Flurie, spoke against the budget because it approved the pay raise for the employee who had previously lied on a time card.

“I cannot in good conscience vote yes on the budget, because it contains a raise for a village employee who falsified information,” Flurie said.

Another trustee, Sharon Smead, agreed with Flurie and voted no as well. Three others, however, cast the deciding votes on the budget. Trustees Tim Jacobson and Richard Syper voted in favor, as did Mayor Martin Bova.

In government, discipline is often a personnel matter that happens behind closed doors. It makes you really wonder what happens in those private discussions.

Especially when the person who needed discipline received the reward of a pay increase. Those consequences, obviously to everyone but three Mayville trustees, send the wrong message.