Sheridan hires same company for lawn care despite complaints

SHERIDAN – Sheridan officials have agreed to the lowest bidder for lawn care, even though questions were raised about how well the company did the work last year.

A public hearing recently took place at a town board meeting in order to talk through the best value purchase law.

Lawn mowing proposal bids were received and read aloud by Supervisor Louis Delmonte.

Muldowney Bros. Lawn Care won the bid at $3,575 for the season of May through December.

Ian and Kyle Muldowney are 18-year-old Fredonia twins who have been in the lawn-mowing business since May 2007.

“It all started with our dad’s push mower and door-to-door flyers,” Ian said. “We built a very successful business.”

Ian will be heading to St. Bonaventure in Olean for a five-year accounting and international business degree. Kyle will stay on to work the business. Ian will join him on the weekends and whenever he needs help. Their good friend since elementary school, Adam Dziduch, 18, also of Fredonia, will take over helping Kyle.

“We will always have two guys working,” Kyle said.

“Adam is the only one we trust to help with the business because he does the same quality work we do,” Ian said.

The brothers will not take the town’s money until they are satisfied every month with their work. The monthly billing will be in effect for five months and if an extra month is needed, the brothers will do it for free.

“We would rather you guys be satisfied with our work before we take any money,” Kyle said.

Delmonte addressed a concern he had with the brothers.

“We had a lot of concerns and had to make a lot of phone calls,” he said. “The cemeteries weren’t regularly cut and we had to hire someone else to come and cut the lawn more than once.”

“Quite frankly, I wasn’t happy; we will give you another shot,” he continued. “I am telling you how I feel. I don’t want any more complaints.”

The Muldowney brothers defended themselves, claiming this was all just a misunderstanding and it would not happen again.

“We don’t want you to call someone else,” Ian said. “You can call us and tell us to come here and we will get the work done for you; even if it is 7 p.m., we will work in the dark until it is done.”

Councilwoman Colleen Yerico told the brothers to not fall behind on their duties because of graduation and prom coming up.

“Make sure you get all that done by June,” she said. “Don’t forget as you plan on your prom and graduation that the grass grows.”

Superintendent of West Sheridan Cemetery Kenny Kaminsky told a heart-warming story about the brothers’ childhood and how they come from a good family.

“They are straight-shooters. They started out at 12 years old being business -men and making presentations to the town board. It is really amazing,” he said. “They are extremely responsible. They do very well and stick around the area.”

Ian said it hurt a little what Delmonte said about him and his brother.

“This business has our name on it. It hurts a little that they called someone else to come and do our work. We don’t want that,” he said.

Ian explained they mow the former St. John Bosco Church lawn (town office), West Sheridan Cemetery, and Pioneer Cemetery. The Sheridan Cemetery is the biggest one.

The lesson learned in all of this, Ian said, is if you do not take care of your customers, someone else will.