Tidying up for a ‘treasure’

This corner can be critical of government decisions quite often, so it is only fitting that we praise those same officials when they go above and beyond in their job descriptions.

On Sunday morning, a group of residents, business owners and elected Fredonia officials got together for cleanup in the village. Two of those members, Trustee Susan Mackay and village Mayor Stephen Keefe did not worry about getting their hands dirty for the cause.

“I’ve heard an estimate that at any given time, more than 14,000 cars pass through this section of Main Street,” Mackay said. “It’s the idea that we want to celebrate Fredonia, because we really don’t know what a treasure we have here.”

A volunteer spirit is a great start at boosting the village, which has faced some painful news in recent weeks. And members of the community also are showing support. Some helped with this cleanup, while others have purchased flowers for the downtown’s hanging baskets.

“For a couple generations now, we’ve been used to government, or municipalities doing everything for us,” Mackay said. “With this recent economic downturn, it’s really galvanized and awakened our community conscience.”

Doing more with less is now an ultimatum. Fortunately, the village has some enthusiastic leaders and residents.