Horrigan H2O hopeful

Chautauqua County Execu-tive Vince Horrigan doesn’t expect to wait long for action on a regional water system.

At a speech given at a League of Women Voters dinner Wednesday, Horrigan said he is confident a decision will be reached on the North County Water District at tonight’s meeting.

“I firmly believe tomorrow night at the water agency meeting, we are going to come together and build a consensus around an architectural design that will include Fredonia, that will include Dunkirk and the other municipalities,” he said. “We are close to getting this done, to getting this together.”

He said this is one of his major infrastructure focuses for his term as it ties in to other priorities like business growth and attracting more taxpayers to the county.

“There will be a lot of additional things that need to be answered, but when you look at what we need up here in a regional water system, it’s essential for business growth, it’s essential for down Route 5. The problem is when you go from a city design or a village water treatment plant with their own budget and you open it up, it’s difficult because all of a sudden all the financial dynamics change. And so we are working very, very hard on that. I am optimistic about tomorrow night coming together and that will be a significant step forward,” he added.

At its last meeting the North County Water Agency heard a presentation from Clark Patterson Lee engineers outlining approximate costs for projects including different plants and types of billing. It was determined the least expensive options were for the city of Dunkirk to be the sole supplier either billed through a district or from the city. It was noted the more water treatment plants included in the project, the more expensive the cost of the project.

Horrigan attended that meeting and encouraged board members to make a decision to keep momentum for the project going, saying he does not want to see this be another project that goes nowhere.

NCWA members could not reach a consensus and insisted on more time to look over the numbers generated by the engineering firm.

According to Horrigan’s weekly schedule, he is expected to attend tonight’s meeting at 7 p.m. at the Sheridan VFW.