SINCLAIRVILLE – Cassadaga Valley Central School went into lockdown Wednesday morning after school officials were notified of two shotguns found inside a student’s vehicle.

According to CVCS Superintendent Tom Schmidt, the guns were owned by two students who had gone turkey hunting Wednesday morning.

“Instead of taking their shotguns home, they left them in the back of their car,” Schmidt said. “Someone walked by the car, saw the shotguns, reported them to the school … and out of precautionary measures, we locked down the school.”

The lockdown lasted approximately 20 minutes as school officials and a unit from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office assessed the situation.

A phone message was sent out to parents/guardians in the district to inform them of what happened.

“At no time were there any threats made and at no time was there any threat to any student,” Schmidt said. “It was just a dumb mistake made by a couple of our boys.”

The students have been suspended and may face further disciplinary action, according to Schmidt.