Chautauqua County Grange holds its 34th annual banquet

The 34th Annual Chautauqua County Grange banquet was held recently at Falcon’s Nest in Falconer at 6 p.m. with 3 C’s catering the lovely dinner.

Master of Ceremonies, Jared Woolley (Pomona Overseer), led “The Star Spangled Banner,” accompanied by pianist Elaine Melquist, and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The invocation was given by Art Kinney, Pomona chaplain, followed by everyone singing “This Old Grange.”

County Executive Vince Horrigan presented his Proclamation of April as Grange Month and expressed appreciation to the Grangers.

Lecturer Betty Wakefield shared a reading entitled “Fraternity.”

Pomona Membership recognitions were given by Martha Woolley, financial secretary, assisted by Master Lois Kesby to Norman Sprague 70 years; Margaret Slattery 60 years; Doris Overend, John Swanson, and Martha Woolley for 50 years; Lynn Stetson 40 years; and 25 years each to Donna Blackman, Robert Cross, Ray Wiltsie, Barb Wiltsie, Robert Wray and Stewart Ward.

Speaker Jeff Bloomquist gave his impersonation of Abraham Lincoln and received the Public Service Award from Betty Wakefield.

Door prizes (provided by the Granges) were distributed during the evening. “Pass it On” was the closing song. Announcements included: June 7, Pomona at Villenova Grange, South Dayton, and Chautauqua County Fair July 21-27 in Dunkirk.

Art Kinney gave the Benediction.

Committees were Banquet: Donna Cross, Janice Eccles, Eunice Speta; Program: Kesby, Wakefield, Jared Woolley. Additional Pomona officers were introduced.