Dunkirk approves best value purchase

Laws were passed and pumps will be fixed as the town of Dunkirk gets ready for the summer.

At the special town board meeting held recently, Supervisor Richard Purol went over the best value purchase law.

“Local municipal can now purchase bids on best value,” he said. “Following cost of maintenance and response time criteria as well as quality of craftsmanship.”

Councilman Henry Walldorff moved to enact the law as presented and Councilman Mark Kutner seconded the motion. Purol approved of the law and passed it for 2014.

The highway/water/sewer employee job description was mentioned briefly. The town board is still not ready to hire someone for the position.

The town is now responsible for right-of-ways and it needs underground facilities protective organization permission before digging in certain areas.

There were two reasons why Purol wanted to eliminate the combined space work description from the job.

“I am kind of concerned about that. First of all we need to train someone to do that and secondly it can be very hazardous,” he said. “I don’t want them to do that.”

The temporary employee the board had for the highway department has expired and now the town is down to one worker.

“The lawns are not getting taken care of and the highway superintendent needs to know this has to be done,” Purol said. “We have to start addressing town needs.”

Armor Construction is hired to fix the pump on Skatulski Road.

“We lost 5,000 gallons of water. There was no alarm for this and the water got shut off,” Purol said. “The pumps should be taken care of daily. It is not the guy’s fault, but I want to see how the pump test goes.”