Youth bowlers honored recently at annual banquet

The Grape Belt USBC Youth Bowling Association held its 40th annual awards banquet at the Kosciuszko Club, in Dunkirk, on May 4.

The association is comprised of youth bowlers, ages 4-20, from both K & L Lanes, in Gowanda, and Lucky Lanes, in Fredonia. The tournament was held in February at K & L Lanes.

President of the association, Greg Haase, served as Master of Ceremonies while association manager, Priscilla Seybold, presented the awards. Trophies and plaques were provided by Smith & Smith Recreation of Fredonia. The meal was prepared and served by Pat’s Catering.

Team winners in the tournament were: Class A scratch: Black Knights (Robert Paterson, Carl Cotroneo, Elliot Martin and Tyler Steklasa 2,074). Class A handicap: The Slackers (Travis Langworthy, Andrew Conti, Tyler Winchell and Macadam Gadewoltz 2,535). Class B scratch and handicap: K & L Lanes (Matthew Agle, Paige Gabel, Ty Nagel and Kurt Stitzel 1,574 and 2,576, respectively). Class C scratch and handicap: The Exterminators (Robert Kozlowski, Brayden Smith, Tristian Olsen and Nathan Manzella 1,368 and 2,685, respectively).

Doubles handicap winners were: Class A scratch: Zach Crandall and Brandon Haase 1,100, Carl Cotroneo and Robert Paterson 1,055. Class A handicap: Kurt Stitzel and Trent Martin 1,304, Mark Nickerson and Taylor Delcamp 1,284. Class C scratch and handicap: Mallory Wojcinski and Olivia Surma 727 and 1,333.

Girls singles event winners included: Class A scratch: Adrianna Pencek 529. Class A handicap: Samantha Moser 659. Class C scratch and handicap: Olivia Surma 338 and 718, respectively.

Boys singles: Class A scratch: Jarred Krajewski 604, E. J. Haase 590, Mark Nickerson 564. Class A handicap: Krajewski 706, Nickerson 693, D. J. Lombardo 679. Class B scratch and handicap: Stitzel 510 and 717, respectively. Class C scratch: Ashton Freitas 384. Class C handicap: Robert Kozlowski 718.

Winners of all events (girls): Class A scratch and handicap: Moser 1,474 and 1,924, respectively. Class C scratch: Surma 1,124. Class C handicap: Olsen 2,090.

Winners of all events (boys): Class A scratch and handicap: E. J. Haase 1,634 and 1,880, respectively. Class B scratch and handicap: Stitzel 1,450 and 2,071. Class C scratch and handicap: Kozlowski 1,055 and 2,070.

High scratch scores of the tournament (girls): Pencek 192. Scratch series: Maitland Langworthy 539. High scratch game: Surma 272. High handicap series: Surma 764.

Tournament high scratch scores (boys): Stitzel 225. High scratch game: Krajewski 249. High handicap series 604. High handicap series: Gadewoltz 699.

The 2014 New York State USBC Youth Association team championship also took place recently. The tournament was held in Syracuse on May 3, at AMF Strikes & Spares Lanes.

700 Club took second place in the Class A Handicap Division. The team was made up of Shane Ryan, Nate Wojtkowiak, Collin Schanzlin and Ricky Burgstrom. The team rolled games of 1,040-921-960, with a handicap, for a total pin fall of 2,921. The team won a $500 team scholarship. 700 Club bowls out of Lucky Lanes and participates in the Junior Bowlers program. The team is also a member of the Grape Belt USBC Youth Association.

Five other teams from Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers competed for a state championship, as well. No Ragrets, which was comprised of Sara Pleva, Brad Dillenburg, Ryan Forbes and John Murphy, finished eighth in the state for Class A with a 2,763 handicap series. Heather’s Angels (Heather Sullivan, D.J. Lombardo, Johnathon Collins and Casey Surma) competed in the Class B division and finished 16th with a handicap total of 1,970. The Cobras (Morgan Dispense, Hessen Bahgat, Rocke Swartz and Jacob Marsh) placed 10th in the Class C division with a total of 2,061. Country Girls, which was made up of Justine VanArsdale, Lillian VanArsdale, Kayleigh Pierce and Alyssa Graziano, competed in Class C and rolled a total of 1,480 for an 11th place finish. The Terminators (Brayden Smith, Robert Kozlowski, Nathan Manzella and Tristian Olsen) finished 10th in the Class C division with a total of 1,509.

During the annual luncheon following the bowling, Olsen was awarded the Bantam girls high scratch series for her 325 series. Kozlowski won the Bantam boys high game with a 241. Each received plaques for the accomplishments.