Evacuations made, but another close call averted

SILVER CREEK – The ice is gone but Silver Creek is still not immune from flooding.

Tuesday morning an excess of rain caused Walnut and Silver creeks to overflow their banks onto several streets in the village.

“We had trees flowing down that had let loose from up in the hills,” Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo said. “Some of the problem is there was three-and-a-half inches of rain in two-and-a-half hours in the hills. That is too much to handle and the ball park was flooded, … the water was up to the flag pole at the fire hall, but it didn’t enter the building.”

According to Piccolo, water overflowed on Central Avenue (Route 5), Lincoln and Madison streets and Rix, Oliver and Dana places.

He said residents were evacuated from Dana, Rix and Oliver places and the trailer park on Central Avenue and emergency shelters were prepared at the Silver Creek Elementary School and the Assembly of God church. He reported the water was very high in Silver Creek near the trailer park, but did not go over the bank.

Piccolo said this was another close call for village residents, having had five incidents of ice jam flooding during the winter months, but no major damage was reported.

“We are waiting to hear of any significant damage. There was one lady whose garage flooded on Dana, but we haven’t heard anything about flooded basements or anything serious. Right now we are just cleaning up the debris,” he said.

Resident Jim Wood was cleaning out his daughter’s garage on Dana Place Tuesday around noon. The garage had half an inch of mud covering the flood and area in front of the garage.

“The water was up about a foot into the garage. This is about the fourth time she’s been flooded,” Wood said.

Central Avenue was closed in front of the fire hall for about four hours and traffic was diverted down Parkway Street to Main Street.

Piccolo said cleaning up the village will continue today.

“When that debris lets loose, it makes a big, big mess,” he added.

He thanked the fire department and new Fire Chief Jim Tytka Jr., Disaster Coordinator Jeff Griewisch, the streets and water/sewer department employees for their response as well as help that came from outside the village, including town of Hanover employees and Supervisor Todd Johnson, Hanover Center and Sheridan fire departments and County Emergency Services.

“It took a big effort but we avoided another tragedy. … It was a group effort and we are very fortunate to have good people to work with us and help us out,” he said.

Piccolo said after this incident village officials are getting prepared for an isolated thunderstorm that is set to pass through the area Thursday.

“We hope (the creek) is clear enough that it doesn’t cause a problem,” he said.