Product sales to benefit YWCA

Just in time for summer, students in the YWCA day care center can take advantage of the Avon sale going on at the YWCA. For a limited time the popular sun screen and bug spray is available at a special price of two bottles for $15. Products may be mixed or matched and they are available at the main office of the YWCA, no ordering necessary.

“These are DEET free, hypoallergenic products” said Eileen Thomas, YWCA board member and Avon liaison. “They have been well received for years since they are gentle yet effective. Avon offers this great promotion to help families stay protected against the sun and insects while helping our YWCA. A portion from the sales goes directly to the YWCA. There’s several options, sprays, lotions and creams.”

The products are available during business hours or call the YWCA at 326-2011 for more details or to reserve products