Water break ties up Central Avenue

Water breaks have been occurring in uncanny surplus in the city of Dunkirk the last several months.

This particular water break happened around 6 a.m. Friday and isn’t weather related.

“Normally this is dedicated to weather or old pipes, but this one is a good pipe, so for whatever reason there was a hole blown in the 12-inch main pipe,” Department of Public Works Director Tony Gugino said. “This break hasn’t affected any businesses at all; they still have lots of water pressure and there is no noticeable difference in the water.”

The department had to close down the block between Fourth and Third Street on Central Avenue bright and early Friday.

“It was safer to close down the block and keep the guys and pedestrians safe,” Gugino said. “The road will be closed several more hours until we can get the hole filled.”

Mayor Anthony J. Dolce announced the road was reopened Friday afternoon. Dolce added it has been a really rough winter on the water crew.

“They (DPW) are picking up gravel to fill the hole. It is a very significant hole, so it will take a few truckloads of gravel. The pipe itself is fixed and we will keep filling the hole until it settles. Once it settles we will pave it,” he said earlier Friday. “We have had over 50 water breaks since this January. “It (the pipe) could have been brewing for some time before coming to the surface. We didn’t know how long it was in process of breaking until it broke this morning.”

Unfortunately, there is a lot of old piping under the city, and it would cost too much money to replace all of them.