What are you doing June 7?

“Come on Mindszenty let’s raise that score, you make the touchdowns we’ll yell for more. Come on Purple, come on Gold, fight on together knights be bold.”

It’s been more than 35 years since the Monarchs of Cardinal Mindszenty High School took on an opponent in any sport. With the youngest graduate of the former school on Central Avenue now past the age of 53, memories can fade, become fuzzy, or just plain not be in the old memory bank anymore.

Class reunions are a good chance to catch up, if your class holds them. Every once in a while another good chance to catch up comes along. On Saturday, June 7 at the Dunkirk Elks Club, a man who spent more time involved with CMHS than anyone I can think of will the subject of what is billed a tribute.

Bob Muscato, former student, player, coach and athletic director, and still a CMHS Monarch, will be the subject of attendees’ affection. The event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. and all former students, faculty and friends are invited. Admission is free with a cash bar and WDOE’s long-time sports announcer Dan Palmer will be the master of ceremonies.

Muscato was there at the beginning and the end of the school. A three-season coach for the better part of his time at the school, he had an effect on several generations of CMHS athletes.

When Bob Palcic called to talk about the event, a roast of the coach was the theme suggested, and what better way to honor the coach. I’m betting most of Muscato’s former players have some stories to share – and Coach no doubt has some memories as well.

A lot of us from a particular time could tell of being on constant lookout for a certain white Thunderbird, particularly after the set curfew hour for the team. To be certain there were rules, most good, some questionable.

Highly questionable on the top of my mind was the brushcut required to play in the 1966-67 school year. While the preferred for many males now is the shaved head, it was the ’60s.

A social revolution was going on with the Beatles and Rolling Stones, among other British groups, sporting the longer-haired look. Some of us, myself included, looked a might goofy with that style, and I never had another one except in U.S. Army basic training.

A couple years ago during a fundraiser at a local club, I saw Coach with some excellent length of hair sticking out from under his hat. I gave him a little bit of “the business” about his hair length and his short-hair policy from years ago.

With a grin, he yanked off his hat like Earl Weaver getting after an ump. Well, the glare coming from where he was pointing was considerable. Sorry, but I digress.

Hey, get there if you can. Sad to say, our numbers are dwindling. Look at it as a mini-reunion of a population that can’t be replaced. Bring a smile, a story and have a good time.

Mark it down: June 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Elks Club.

One more thing, don’t bother looking for that white Thunderbird, it hasn’t been seen around these parts in years.

Gib Snyder is the OBSERVER City Editor. Send comments to