School budget discussed at Silver Creek Village meeting

SILVER CREEK – Silver Creek School Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich went over the school budget at the recent Silver Creek Village Board meeting.

District residents will be able to vote on the $22,447,044 budget on May 20 from 1 to 9 p.m. in the high school lobby. Also up for a vote will be using $108,987 from the capital vehicle reserve to purchase a bus and the election of two board of education members.

Ljiljanich explained the district is proposing a 2.05 percent increase in the tax levy to $5,777,850. This is below the district’s tax cap after carry over and exclusions of 2.76 percent.

The proposed full-value tax rate is $17.97 per thousand dollars assessed valuation.

Ljiljanich broke the budget down into three parts; administration, capital and program. He said most of the increase in administration is connected with BOCES capital project and the significant increase in capital line and in the total budget is attributed to the school’s capital project and the associated state building aid. He said the district has eliminated 39 positions in the past few years and this year was able to bring a couple class electives back in the business field.

He also explained how the Gap Elimination Adjustment hurt the school’s state aid allocation and how the GEA’s elimination would help the district.

Resident Dennis Palmer asked about the school resource officer.

Ljiljanich said the Seneca Nation of Indians has funded the position full-time until December 2016.

Mayor Nick Piccolo asked about shared services.

“We are not just sharing sports programs with Forestville, we also share sports with other districts, but we are also sharing in other areas. We share our transportation supervisor with Forestville. We also share assessment development with Pine Valley and North Collins through BOCES. We are also planning a shared staff development day with Forestville in the fall,” Ljiljanich said.

Trustee Thomas Harmon asked if Ljiljanich sees long-term sharing of academic programs or merging in the district’s future.

He said merging is up to the district, but one thing he sees problematic with merging with Forestville is students from both districts already have one-hour bus rides.

The village board will meet again on May 19 at 7 p.m.