Greystone Nature Preserve receives grant

The Greystone Nature Preserve recently received funding for tree preservation and planting. The organization was awarded a $300 grant for a Tree Planting Project through the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation’s Northern Chautauqua Environmental Fund for 2014.

The grant application was submitted by SUNY Fredonia Junior Kathleen Otway, who is currently an intern at Greystone Nature Preserve, which is located on Bear Lake Road in Fredonia.

“I am planning on working in the field of environmental nonprofits after school ends, so it is very exciting to be getting involved with an organization as great as Greystone in an internship so closely related to my future goals,” said Otway. ‘It’s been a great opportunity to be able to apply what I learn in the classroom to the real world, and in this case it resulted in NCCF so generously awarding us with funding to nurture the growth of these trees.”

The grant will be used to purchase rakes and shovels used to help plant and preserve trees on the property at Greystone Nature Preserve. Director Bill Moran of Greystone Nature Preserve said it is the organization’s mission to preserve native “flora and fauna” on the Portage Escarpment.

“In this effort, we recruit SUNY Fredonia students to plant and nurture indigenous trees. No longer will we be required to go to neighbors and friends to supply the students with the necessary tools,” Moran said.

The tools will be purchased from Fredonia Hardware Inc., in Fredonia and Owner Bob Scudder said there is a lifetime guarantee on the tools. Greystone Nature Preserve Director Diane Clark said the lifetime guarantee “reflects the trust that has been established by our local businesses with Fredonia residents.”

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