Forestville addresses request for extension

FORESTVILLE – The village of Forestville may have switched over its water source from the springs in Arkwright to wells in the village, but there are still several residents outside the village dependent on the source of water.

Residents on Creek Road decided not to form a water district and purchase water from the village of Forestville after the village finished its water project. The residents were previously able to get the water as it came down the hill from Arkwright into the village.

However, as a requirement of the loan for the village’s water upgrades, the springs must be decommissioned.

In November 2013, Creek Road residents were notified the springs would be disconnected on June 15 and were not billed during that time in order to save money to have a well drilled.

At the recent Forestville Village Board meeting, Mayor Kevin Johnson said he received a letter from the county health department requesting an extension for five residents on Creek Road who are applying for Chau-tauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corpora-tion grants.

He said the letter requested a disconnection date of Sept. 1.

Johnson read his letter responding to the request. He said the extension would only be possible if the village were supplied with specific locations of the homes needing the extension, that the village be held harmless for the quality of the water and that the funding cover the village’s cost to keep the springs open during that time.

He said they would like to know if the residents are located above or below the chlorinator and that the cost to keep the springs operational during that time could cost between $15,000 and $30,000.

“If we do not receive these three things, then the springs will be shut off on June 15,” Johnson said.

Clerk James White said several timbering companies have been contacted for quotes on the trees at the Arkwright springs property.

Johnson said it is the village’s intention to submit a decommissioning plan that will preserve the value of the springs property and satisfy the county health department.

Resident Lorraine Hodkin suggested the village look into selling the water from the springs for irrigation and livestock on the Internet.

Trustee Dave McEntarfer questioned how people would pump and truck the water.

Johnson said he will look into it, but a condition of the loan the village has for the water project says it cannot provide drinking water from the springs.

The board also approved a base rate service charge for non-standard, high-volume water meters at $80 per inch. This currently will only affect the schools and Bailey’s Manufacturing.

Johnson said the odor of the village well water will be addressed soon. He said the cause of this is iron in the well water and it can be treated.

The board will meet again on May 27 and will hold three public hearings at that time.