An invasion over a false report


I would like to know where the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has the right to enter a property without going to the door to get permission to enter the property and go into somebody’s barn without permission?

The complaint was dated April 29.

One of my family members received a phone call May 2 from a representative questioning her about a complaint report that we had a dead horse in the corral on our property.

Since I have a spinal problem, I do not work, so I was home when they claimed that nobody came to the door. But yet, nobody rang the doorbell as well or knocked on the door.

But the officials entered the barn without our permission.

They want to come back again for a dead horse that was falsely reported and they think is hidden in the barn that they could not find while they were here recently.

I would like to know where they had cause on private property, due to a bogus complaint that I did not see since I was unaware they were here.