Why not the electric chair or hanging?

We now rely on lethal injections to put to death convicted killers of human beings who did not deserve to be murdered by these individuals.

Why lethal injections? Why not the electric chair or a hanging so these killers die right away?

There is so much publicity on these killers who did not die as quickly as they were supposed to. Their victims, however, also suffered at the hands of these killers. Yet there is no outcry for the victims, just the killers who had a malfunction at a time when they were supposed to die.

There are a number of organizations who oppose the death penalty in New York state and were responsible for the elimination of the death penalty. All these bleeding hearts feel sorry for the wrong people and not the victims of the murderer.

I think if someone in the bleeding heart families were slaughtered by an animal called a human being, they would probably think twice about saving that animal’s life.

Thirty-two states still have the death penalty on the books. Thank goodness for common sense states. If more people believed in an eye for an eye, we would have a safer country because these murderers might think twice before killing someone. Maybe a life would be saved.

By the way, why is England sticking its nose in our affairs regarding the death penalty? I do not approve of foreign countries offering their two cents on our policies, especially when we are there to assist them when needed.

Hopefully, we can stop this violence in this country. We need a death penalty as a deterrent from violence.

While we’re at it, we need to put an end to the violence in the media, movies and videos. These items also play a role in the increasing violence in our country.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com