Barcelona visitors’ booth needs volunteers

BARCELONA – With one miserable winter behind us, everyone is looking forward to a better than ever summer. The volunteers at the Westfield/Barcelona visitors’ booth are rallying to prepare for another busy season. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and located in Barcelona at the Dan Reed Pier, the booth is open from early June to Labor Day. Volunteers dispense brochures, maps, menus, directions, and “what there is to do” suggestions – all with a smile.

Over the years, the booth has served visitors from dozens of foreign countries and almost every state. Some exit the Thruway for a closer look at Lake Erie; and there is no finer view than that at Barcelona. There is a growing interest in the local grape industry, and volunteers direct those so inclined to the many fine wineries and the new Grape Culture Museum on Route 20 in Westfield. Quite a few come to the booth from Chautauqua to expand their enjoyment of the area, and of late, many are weekenders from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Canada who are charmed by the natural beauty of Chautauqua County, and intrigued by the many ways one can spend a few days with our varied attractions. Our visitors’ book is replete with promises “We’ll be back!”

So that the booth can be open the most effective hours, new volunteers are sometimes needed to round out the present group. Volunteers usually work three-hour shifts once a week (or more often if desired), usually with a buddy, and there is flexibility as to days and hours.

Those who enjoy meeting people, would like a spectacular view of the lake for a few hours every week, and enjoy introducing others to this part of the world may call Linda Briggs at: 269-4604 or Lois Perritt at 326-6982 for more information or to volunteer.