Life after the flood for Silver Creek


OBSERVER Staff Writer

SILVER CREEK – The village of Silver Creek proves time and time again that life really does go on after the flood.

At Monday’s village board meeting, the board went in depth about future projects, a new fire chief, and cleaning up after Mother Nature.

Newly appointed Fire Chief James Tytka talked a little about grants and working with other fire chiefs.

“I would be willing to sit down with other fire chiefs and talk about training and holding meetings to better the fire departments,” he said. “Being a fire chief is a lot of work, but this isn’t my first rodeo. I was a fire chief in 2005. It is about building a good relationship with your assistant chiefs and making a smooth transition. It is not just about me; it’s about the whole fire department working together.”

Tytka is looking forward to his two – year term and hopes to get a lot accomplished.

Fire departments will soon be asked to go digital and work with the police department’s radios.

“They are expensive but we can get three radios in one head; they go into the trucks. The county has grants going and not everyone can jump in at once,” Tytka said. “I wanted to keep you guys (the board members) in the loop, because this will happen.”

The fire chiefs will keep logs of the assigned fire chief vehicle usage. Mayor Nick Piccolo addressed the concerns residents have with the fire chief’s vehicle being all over the place. Tytka said if anyone has any questions about what he or the guys are doing they can talk to him.

Ever wonder what the fire department’s horn is all about?

Tytka answered that question during the workshop held before the regular meeting.

“Sometimes people don’t have pagers and there are two horns used to tell them what is going on. The electronic horn is an EMS call. The ‘ghost like’ horn is fire related, such as an accident or house fire, ” he explained. “It helps us indicate what type of call it is. In the old days the air horn used to tell what area the fire trucks should head to; now we use a master horn and the reason residents have been hearing it a lot lately is because we have been very busy with calls this month. I don’t see it slowing down, and summer isn’t even here yet.”

Attorney Dan Gard believes Tytka and the rest of the fire department is doing a really impressive job, and he thinks the fire department made a really good choice appointing Tytka fire chief.

The latest flooding clean up went really well, according to Piccolo.

“We are done and ready for the next potential problem,” he said. “Everything went into the lake. When the current brings everything back to shore we will remove it and make the shore look respectful. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help they gave us. I felt sorry for the Explorers at the fire department. These kids were all sweaty and helping to clean up the streets. They did the most cleaning on the streets.”

Piccolo is just grateful it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

“We are still not over the 2009 flood,” he said.

STC Construction is awarded the bid for the DPW driveway and painting. The driveway bid amounts to $207,000, with $8,100 added for a concrete pad and the paint job amounts to $27,376.