Brocton wants neutral color for merged football jerseys

BROCTON – Brocton Central School officials are seeking a more neutral color for the combined football program with Westfield, instead of having the blue jerseys at Westfield and the green jerseys at Brocton.

Superintendent John Hertlein brought up the topic during a recent board of education meeting. He said Westfield leaders are open to the possibility, but a decision has yet to be made.

“Talking to their head coach … their board is looking into it; my feeling is now that we’re sharing 50/50 and splitting it down the middle between us, we should have a say in what’s going on,” said School Board President Douglas Walter, who has been working with Hertlein and Westfield officials on the combined program agreement for next year. “Chautauqua Lake and Maple Grove did that; they went out and got neutral jerseys, and I know the kids are looking for it. We’re working on it and I think Westfield will hopefully agree with it.”

Hertlein pointed out that the numbers on Westfield’s jerseys do not match with the Brocton numbers.

“We’re going to have to buy new uniforms anyways, of some sort,” he said. “We will work with the cost … and I do believe we have some fundraisers to help with that.”

Most of the other issues in the updated agreement for next year’s merged program are ironed out, according to Hertlein. Costs are now split half-and-half between the two school districts, with home games split equally, as well.

Neutral colors for jerseys in other merged sports programs may also be looked at in the future.

Also during the meeting, tenure status was granted to Elizabeth Parra in the area of secondary special education and Matt Seiberg in the area of secondary social studies, both effective Sept. 5.

High School Principal Jason Delcamp announced after a successful Tractor Day last year, students will again have the opportunity to bring their tractors to school on Friday.

Delcamp also reported 12 students in English and 21 in math opted out of the recent state testing for grades 3 through 8.

Cynthia Ferguson was appointed to the position of substitute community activity director to be used in the absence of the director at a rate of $12 per hour.

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