Quick resolution hoped to get bridge in motion

PORTLAND – Portland town council members and undoubtedly residents of Peerless Street hope a quick response to a question will put the Peerless Street Bridge project in motion once and for all.

During Wednesday’s town council meeting, Town Supervisor Dan Schrantz and Highway Supervisor Ron Delcamp reported on the options for the bridge structure. The company consulted by the town would provide a bridge frame with an operator to set it in place, or a completely formed bridge not requiring an equipment operator.

“They’ve done them both ways, but the problem is the equipment operator has to be hired off of an approved list, like Cattaraugus County has hired from, the problem is Chautauqua County doesn’t have a list,” Schrantz said.

The project’s engineer will now have to determine whether an additional request for proposals has to be published to seek an operator and equipment vendor, or whether Portland can hire off of the established list of vendors that Cattaraugus County uses.

“If we can get it going, we could be ready in two weeks to bid,” Schrantz said.

In other matters, Star Apartments Resident, Jerome Hackett addressed the councilmen Wednesday to follow up on a request that he submitted asking for further shared services cooperation, and the potential dissolution of the Village of Brocton in an effort to save expenses.

Schrantz noted that the council is open to any ideas from residents on cost-saving measures, but that the issue would require a petition and would have to be brought on behalf of the village, at which point the town would be forced to absorb the village and its services.

Hackett added, “The object here is to get some more of the Star Apartments residents involved in these types of situations. We’re all in this together. And our economy is being shaken to its roots, which affects all of us. How can we go on affording some of these things? We also have to keep in mind, what kind of example are we setting for our young people? We have to be thinking ahead in order to get young people to live here with their families. That’s the basis of society.”

Councilman Gary Miller responded, “Our doors are open.”

The Brocton resident also noted to the board that Star Apartments will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, and will be holding a Memorial Day commemoration honoring veterans at its Central Avenue complex on May 26.

Councilman Jerry Boltz reported that the Brad Anderson Recognition Com-mittee will hold a June meeting at the town hall, on June 3 at 6:30 p.m. Councilman Al Valentin reported to the council that hours for the Brocton/Portland Historical Museum will commence June 14 and run through the end of September.

Valentin noted that at least three local history presentations will be slated this season, and will hopefully include a Cemetery Tour, which was a sought after event of the Portland Bicentennial celebration last year.

Councilman Rick Manzella reported a good turnout for the April 29 visit by State Comptroller officials to return unclaimed funds to area residents, some of which came from outside of the township to inquire about obtaining their funds.

Highway Supervisor Ron Delcamp also noted to the council that he and his crews are readying Community Park and the pavilions the Memorial Day holiday and asked the councilmen to advise him on light bulbs that are routinely being broken out of the pavilion receptacles.

The council advised him not to continue replacing bulbs that are repeatedly being broken.

The council will reconvene on June 11 at 7 p.m. for their regular meeting.