Former Jamestown flight instructor publishes book

ELDRED, Pa. – “N1XF Is Going Down,” by author Steve Jackson is a real life story of a father and daughter who experienced a grueling plane crash. This new book out nationwide narrates how Pat and his companions found their way out of the thick Allegany forest and the small miracles of the day that can only be described as divine intervention.

“November One X-Ray Foxtrot is going down,” was Pat’s final transmission before impacting the trees. “We’re alive. Thank God we’re alive,” was what he remembered uttering aloud as he and his companions trudged through the knee-deep snow. With its tail still hanging up in the trees, they scrambled away from the mangled remains of N1FX.

The book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Jackson started to take flight lessons in early 2000, with the goal of attending Jamestown Community College. In 2002, he graduated as a Certified Flight Instructor with an Associates of Science in Professional Piloting from JCC and worked part time as a flight instructor in Jamestown, N.Y, a short time before moving to the Bradford Regional Airport and opening his own small flight school. He continues to train pilots in the area and was instrumental in forming Twin Tier Aviation Inc., a successful flight club operating at the Bradford Regional Airport. Learning to fly was a childhood goal that required waiting until his children were through school. This book is dedicated to his supportive family and the memory of his loving mother, Maryetta Jackson.