Good habits are essential

Let’s talk about good habits. Have you ever thought about how you can be productive by good habits? Let’s talk about how good habits can keep you healthy and save you money.

I’m glad I grew up during the Depression. We had to learn good habits to survive. For example, we had to can as much as possible so we would have enough to eat. We canned so many tomatoes so we could make spaghetti sauce. We also canned so much fruit. I loved blackberries and strawberries! Sometimes, they were desserts and sometimes we took some of my mother’s fresh bread and made a meal out of fruit and bread. We never felt poor or punished.

Besides, the work was fun. After all, the time we spent canning was fun because our mother was a storyteller. The time flew by. Sometimes

I feel sorry for today’s children because they spend little time with their parents. They are too busy with their “toys” televisions, computers, and all that stuff that I don’t know what they are called. They sit and watch stuff.

How much time do they have to think about things? Thinking produces energy. We need that, especially nowadays when jobs are scarce. Thinking can produce new products and work. Everything starts with an idea.

We also need to be energetic play physical games, as well as mental games. Don’t forget don’t waste your time. Time is life. Make the most of it.

Last week I met a young man whom I used to see in the summertime because his mother was one of my customers. At that time, he was teaching in Alaska. I asked him if he was still doing that and he said he was teaching in Asia Minor. I asked him if he was familiar with Kuala Lumpur. He was shocked to hear I’d been there. I’ve done a lot of traveling, thanks to invitations. Iggy Parisi and I put packages together and took people to Italy. I’ve been to Italy 10 times. You see, you can use your mind and afford a lot of things.

It was on one of those trips I met Jean Patz and her family. They were delightful, but Jean was most unusual. She was a leader. I nicknamed her “The general”. I knew if anything ever happened to me, she could take charge. I met more people that way.

Just think, all the traveling I could have missed. Don’t be afraid. Attitude is everything.

Like for example, lately when people nowadays ask me, “how are you?,” I answer, “happy.” I don’t want to lie and say “good”, but nobody can keep me from being happy. Try it. Have you started telling people to have a good life instead of “have a good day?” Don’t forget attitude is everything.

Have a good life!