Village takes step for future

Fredonia officials took a major plunge last week: they agreed to move forward as part of a regional water district for north county municipalities.

In a unanimous vote, trustees approved a resolution that allows Chautauqua County to seek $6.3 million in grants and consolidated funding that would help upgrade the village water treatment plant’s capacity and have it become a regional water provider with Dunkirk.

Getting this done has been anything but easy. Fortunately, village Mayor Stephen Keefe has kept an open mind and attended meetings in recent years regarding the process. He also praised the County Executive Vince Horrigan for being a partner in the process.

“The reason he heard us is because he’s listening, and we haven’t gone through that before; it’s new to us, with this system that we’re looking at,” Keefe said.

All municipal water systems need upgrades that will cost users in the future. With a district, grant funding becomes easier to receive from the state for those upgrades.

More work needs to be done, but the hopes for a regional water district seems to be riding a wave of optimism, at least for the time being.