Integrity an issue in race

Voters will have a clear choice in November for their representative in Congress. Perhaps the greatest point of contrast will be which candidate they can trust to tell the truth and play by the rules.

As voters get to know Martha Robertson, I am sure they will find she is the candidate with the integrity and honesty that Washington so desperately needs.

The Dunkirk OBSERVER recently criticized Congressman Tom Reed for misleading voters about Martha Robertson’s position on the Dunkirk power plant. As the paper stated, her position has always been to keep the plant open. She never advocated for closing the plant. The OBSERVER said Reed’s characterization of her position was “just wrong” and “false.” When a politician like Tom Reed feels he needs to lie about his opponent’s record, it is time for new leadership.

Reed is also lying about Martha’s opposition to the New York state SAFE Act. Martha Robertson voted against it more than a year ago and signed a pledge to support its repeal. She is against the SAFE Act, and her opposition is on record in the Ithaca Journal of May 17 and the Elmira Star-Gazette of May 18.

Two other newspapers have also printed editorials critical of Reed. On May 9, the Elmira Star-Gazette and Ithaca Journal lambasted the “nasty business” and “smarmy scheme” that tried to get two Green Party members on the ballot without their knowledge or permission. The headline read “Dirty tricks mar race in 23rd District: Reed should denounce effort to rig November ballot.” These kinds of potentially fraudulent actions demonstrate a clear lack of integrity.

Voters deserve a candidate and a member of Congress who plays by the rules that apply to the rest of us. Reed has paid his taxes late 39 times. He is under a Congressional Ethics investigation. He repeatedly lies about Robertson’s record. Even the media is asking whether he’s implicated in an election fraud scheme. It is about time we had honest representation in Washington.

We need someone who will fight for our jobs in Western New York, not just fight to keep his own. That is what Martha Robertson’s campaign is all about, building an economy that creates jobs here rather than ships them out of state or overseas, an economy that includes all of us, not just the 1 percent. As Tompkins County chair, she helped usher in forward-looking economic policies that created the lowest unemployment rate in New York state. She did it with one of the lowest spending rates in all of New York.

We deserve better than Congressman Tom Reed and we can find it in Martha Robertson.

Jordanna Zeigler of Ithaca is campaign manager for Martha Robertson.