Better care system needed


We have, at the National level, two health-care systems. One, Medicare, works reasonably well. Most of the participants in the Medicare system, including myself, are pleased with both the timeliness and quality of the care that we receive.

On the other hand we have the VA. Rocked by one scandal after another, both the timeliness and the quality of the care received by our veterans is by all reports completely inadequate.

Why don’t we include veterans under the Medicare umbrella and eliminate VA involvement in the health care process. How simple. The veteran sees the physician(s) of his choice. The veteran receives timely treatment. Medicare pays the bill. The government saves billions by eliminating one of the two parallel health care systems.


Silver Creek

‘Cheap shot’

on front page


For whatever it’s worth, I don’t like the implication on the front page of the OBSERVER (May 15) that the police had a burglary take place at Old Sarge’s right underneath their noses.

Across the street is right, but then down the street is also right, which was not mentioned so it looks as if it was just right across the street, as if that matters anyway.

What a cheap shot at our wonderful Police Department.

Several years ago a friend of mine in Dunkirk had $2,000 stolen from their home and our police found the burglar and returned every penny of the stolen cash in a matter of weeks. And you take this cheap shot at them? Honestly!

What would the chances of them getting their money back be if they had been living in Manhattan?




Poverty issue has solutions


I was very happy to see that there is a concerted effort on the part of county officials and agencies to address the serious problem of poverty.

Perhaps they can help with the effort to raise the minimum wage in order to lift thousands of American families above the poverty level.

They might also lend their support to funding public works so that we can bring our roads, highways, bridges and railroads up to safe standards.