Lack of customer service prevalent in government


In the last several weeks I have had several reminders that public officials, both elected and appointed, don’t always pay a lot of attention to the citizens they serve.

Democratic Elections Commissioner Norm Green recently proposed that in the interest of saving money the number of polling places in the town of Hanover be reduced. I commend Norm for wanting to save our money, but why make it harder to vote at a time when voter participation continues to drop. Look elsewhere to save, such as reducing the size of the County Legislature.

By the way Norm, if you do close another polling location warn voters several days before election day. When you closed the library location in Silver Creek I officially found out when I got home from voting and found a postcard in that day’s mail.

Recently, I finished up repairing my front lawn after a hard winter. On a recent Tuesday, a contractor showed up to hook up the homes on my street to a larger water line that was installed in 1992, I believe, when the street, sanitary and storm sewers were replaced. I am sure the village had its reasons for waiting but at least we could have had some warning. After several holes had already been dug in the street, someone from the contractor went around with a letter, from the village of Silver Creek informing us about the new water line hookups. So much for advance notice.

Now the work that I did on my lawn, which I would not have done had I known, is buried under several feet of clay and a portion of my sidewalk I replaced at my own expense is gone.

I worked with Norm Green for a long time and I know he is a good guy and I think our current Mayor Nick Piccolo is doing an outstanding job in the office, but guys sometimes I think you have to devote a little more time and thought to the little things about customer service.

I worked for a federal agency for 10 years and I am well aware how easy it is to lose sight of the fact that what we do is for real people who live real lives. We are here for them.

Tom Kirkpatrick is a Silver Creek resident.