Giving thanks for those who have given all


On this Memorial Day I would like to remind everyone whether you’re sitting on the deck of a local club, watching golf or visiting your local Legion, think of those who have given everything.

I would like say to all the Martains, Martinezs, Delongs, Burns, Dows, Sieverts, Unmacks, Suttons, Novellis, and Freys; to all the Grupas, Fellingers, Gregoreskis, Samuelsons, Gullos, Rosarios, Hootens, Huels, Laportes and Freemans; to all the Crawfords, Rossottos, Wallers, Smiths, Ortizes, Freds, Bankowskis, Kulpas, Perezes and Makuchs; to all the Dillenkofers, Dillenburgs, McCarthys, Tarnowskis, Hites, Maslachs, Chudziks, Zielinskis, Thompsons, and to all the names that couldn’t possibly all be put to paper thank you!

Like my friend Rock Star says every Saturday while he’s playing in his band, “Without those who served, we could not live the lives we do.” So let us remember: Semper Fidelis, Don’t Tread on Me, Up Into the Wild Blue Yonder, Anchors Away.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13



United States Army