City to start using recycling stickers

City of Dunkirk residents may soon be seeing a new sticker on their garbage. The recent Public Works Committee meeting discussed the usage of a new sticker program to start this week.

The city will start using a sticker program to alert residents of items that are eligible to be recycled. Any item put out for garbage pickup that should be recycled will have a sticker. That item will not be picked up by the city and will be the resident’s responsibility to remove.

“… We are looking for (residents) to put (items) in recycling and not be considered trash,” Councilwoman-at-Large Stephanie Kiyak said.

The stickers will have more information on the city’s recycling program with a link to the website. City Engineer Randy Woodbury said he wants to educate residents about the program. The stickers will be white with red and black-colored ink.

“All the information you want to give people is on the recycling calendar; there’s a lot there on all the different programs,” said Woodbury. “We want to make sure people know what’s available. The sticker is going to say ‘item refused’ and some way to get more information.”

According to the city’s website, eligible items to be recycled include cardboard, plastic containers with the number 1-7, glass containers, aluminum, tin, steel cans, trays and foil. Recycling has curbside pickup every other Monday. For more information, visit A complete recycling and garbage calendar, as well as information about the recycling program, can be found there.

DPW Supervisor Tony Gugino also announced the city has forwarded an estimated bill for graffiti damages in the city. Gugino addressed the graffiti on CSX overpasses, saying the city cannot go onto an overpass to clean off the damages. He said he has no time when CSX will clean it off.

“Anything on the ground level, Mike (Porpiglia’s street department) guys and our parks guys we have graffiti removers. … for most of it, we can get to it ourselves,” Gugino said.

Woodbury reminded residents to report any graffiti to report to police. He said damaging city property will most likely end up being a felony charge.

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