Life filled with a few bumps in the road


Here are a few miscellaneous comments from Collins:

They say that there is some good in everything. I’ve been pondering this and finally figured out the only positive result we may have for the terrible conditions of our highways this spring as a result of the unusually cold winter. Unfortunately, I am forwarding it to you rather late for use. If you’ve had just a trifle too many, and the police stop you and want to give you a breath test because you were weaving back and forth in the road, you can tell him that you were only trying to avoid the potholes. Hey, it’s worth a try.

I’m sure every country has households with dogs. Dogs and animals in general take things as they come, and just do the best they can with what is given them. Yet regardless of their circumstances, dogs still show an allegiance and have faith in their owners. What a world this would be if we humans were not so taken up with our own wishes, wants and egos with no concern for consequences; that we would be so accepting of what we have, and grateful to have it; that we showed the adoration, and obedience to the source of our existence as our dogs show so completely to us. Sometimes I think dogs were put here on earth to set an example.

People often urge more cooperation to reduce the cost of government. They urge the merging of school districts, or closely related communities. I remember reading years ago an article that stated that when they set up counties, the size of a county was determined so that a farmer and his buggy could go to county headquarters and back home in a single day to complete his business, such as the registration of his deed, the birth of his newest child, etc. If we were setting up counties today I bet there would be only about one-quarter the number we have today. Of course it will never happen now, because all of those county legislators and other employees would have to go out and get a new job. In some ways it seems we still live in the 19th century. Time marches on, but we don’t. I shouldn’t complain. If things keep up the way they are going all government will be consolidated in one large bureaucratic mess called Washington.

For purposes of this story, which is true, I’ll refer to the main character as Junior. Incidentally, I had a brother known as Junior in those days, but he is not the character in this story. I thought for those who know the family I ought to make that clear.

Back in my day a kid could go to the store and buy any number of fireworks to help him celebrate the July Fourth holiday. Some of them were quite powerful. We called them cherry bombs. Any way, on this particular warm and sunny July Fourth, Junior was on his way home with a whole bag full of fireworks he had just bought, and among them were several cherry bombs. Junior was eager to try them out. Before he got home he couldn’t wait so he set down his bag of hot stuff and took out one of the cherry bombs. He placed it on the sidewalk and lit the fuse. Then being no kind of fool he quickly ran to a safe distance to watch the thing explode. However in his haste, he neglected to pick up his bag of goodies. Then BANG! The bomb went off right next to his bag, which the explosion ripped apart, and blew his precious fireworks all over the area. It was a good lesson to the rest of us kids, after we got done laughing at Junior.

A lot of our problems are like that. We are thinking so vividly about one thing, that we overlook something else. One-track minds are common enough in the man on the street, but can raise real hell, especially among our politicians. May God bless America.

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