Danzaco Dance to hold performances

Danzaco Dance companies have recently completed a successful season of dance performances and competitions. Dancers are busy preparing for their upcoming 18th annual May production “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust” held at Marvel Theatre SUNY Fredonia on Thursday at 7 p.m., Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 2 and 7 p.m.

Tickets are available at the college box office at 673-3501 or www.fredonia.edu/tickets.

Created with the opening of the studio in 1996, Danzaco Dance companies began to further develop and train interested and talented students with additional training and performance opportunities. Dancers perform at a variety of community, charitable and competitive events throughout the year. Attendance at numerous conventions and master classes further exposes students to the professional world.

Danzaco participated in the Dancers Give Back Cancer Research performance fundraiser, Bobby’s Battle Dance and Cheer Challenge and the Relay for life. Company dancers traveled to National Dance competitions in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Grand Island. Major competitors included Show Stopper, Star Quest, American Dance Awards and Invitational Challenge.

Petite Danzaco is made up of four young dancers Raena Beckley, Emma Forthman, Marissa Grisanti and Ava Kehrer. In addition to large group numbers the quartet performed a jazz routine to “We’ll Be There” earning numerous trophies including three first overall high scoring petite group awards. Marissa Grisanti also performed an award winning solo to “Becoming a Princess.”

Bella Danzaco is comprised of eight dancers from Fredonia, Mia Barone, Daisia Draggett, Macy Kawski, Kelly Lucas, Suzanne Piper, Mckenna Taylor and Kyra Taylor. Silver Creek elementary students Abby Rice and Tabitha Shevlin and Westfield’s Destiny Guinnee round out the group. Performing in red sequined dresses the dancer’s jazz number “Believe it” won several high scoring overall awards and earned platinum standings.

Junior soloists include Kelly Lucas, Macy Kawski, Suzanne Piper, Kyra Taylor and Mckenna Taylor. Gold winners included Lucas and Piper with platinum ratings for Kawski and Kyra Taylor and double platinum for Mckenna Taylor. At the last event each dancer placed in the top seven overall for all junior soloists including the first place for Mckenna Taylor.

Senior Danzaco is led by Fredonia Senior Sarah Zinni, Jillian Stonefoot, Olivia Barone, Destiny Draggett and Sophie Stevens all of Fredonia and Emma Rice of Silver Creek complete the company. “Here’s to Never Growing Up” by Avril Lavigne is the groups’ platinum award winning jazz routine. Senior soloists included Zinni and Stonefoot who most recently placed first overall for senior solos.

Senior Danzaco along with Junior’s M. Barone, Kawski, K. Taylor, M. Taylor and Autumn Beckley performed a rendition of “Fly” in flowing white dresses which placed first in category and overall. The In10sity hip hop team comprised of R. Beckley, Forthman, Kawski, M. Taylor, K. Taylor, Shevlin, Piper and Abbey Skellie earned platinum and first overall at each event for their “Star Ships” number.

All Danzaco dancers performed a traditional Indian jazz dance to “Believe in Love” and an extended Peter Pan inspired “Neverland” production number featuring the cast of characters from the beloved movie. Platinum and first overall in category and age were received for these numbers.

Dancers also performed at local competitions and parades and can be seen this summer at numerous charity events, the Chautauqua County Fair, parades and State competition. The new dance season begins in July and new students are welcome and encouraged to attend; call 672-5095 for details.

An open house and registration will be held on June 18 from 6 to 8 p.m.