Football: Cooperation for the colors

In the overall scheme of working together, the color of a uniform may not be too important. But this is Chautauqua County where breaking traditions is never easy.

Nonetheless, Brocton’s attempt to come up with new colors for the combined football team with Westfield is an idea that deserves to move forward.

“Talking to their head coach … their board is looking into it; my feeling is now that we’re sharing 50-50 and splitting it down the middle between us, we should have a say in what’s going on,” said Brocton school board President Douglas Walter, who has been working with Superintendent John Hertlein and Westfield officials on the combined program agreement for next year. “Chautauqua Lake and Maple Grove did that; they went out and got neutral jerseys, and I know the kids are looking for it. We’re working on it and I think Westfield will hopefully agree with it.”

The neighboring districts already work well together in combined athletics. New colors would signal the start of a new era as well.

Hopefully, Westfield will be open to the proposal.