Hanover, hotel developer to meet Thursday

HANOVER – Area officials are hoping a meeting with hotel/water park developer Tony Borrello can save the multi-million dollar project for the town of Hanover.

Last week Borrello released a letter sent to the town outlining frustrations with delays for the project which would play off tourism in Sunset Bay.

County Legislator George Borrello, upon hearing of the letter, said he immediately began calling Hanover Supervisor Todd Johnson, County Executive Vince Horrigan, Tony Borrello and other officials in order to arrange a meeting.

“When people ‘speak different languages,’ I think it’s worth it to get them all at the table to work things out,” he said.

Borrello previously organized a meeting in October with himself, town officials, Tony Borrello and Michelle Borrello-Grisante to discuss plans for the project.

He said the town board, newly appointed Chautau-qua County Industrial Development Agency Director Kevin Sanvidge and other county representatives will be meeting with the developers Thursday afternoon.

“We are going to see what we can do. I hope that with some communication and cooperation we can get this back on track,” he said. “This project is too important to let go without a fight.”

During Hanover’s Town Board meeting Monday, Planning Board Chair Carol DePasquale said she does not believe the situation is the fault of the town board.

“I remember a meeting two years ago where plans for a hotel and water park were presented to the planning board and zoning board by MMM Develop-ment. … A lot of time was spent and Chautauqua County IDA was involved, Chautauqua County Planning. Everyone was in support of that project. I think it’s incorrect to blame the town board for that project not moving forward. Still, I am sorry (to see the project leave) because the people in the town of Hanover were looking forward to that and had hopes for that project,” she said.

Johnson agreed, saying the town board has done nothing to impede the project.

“Later this week we do have a meeting with the Borrellos … to find out where the downfall is,” he said.

Johnson added, to his knowledge, stamped drawings have not been submitted to the town for the project.

“We are going to find out what we need to do because the entire board has been supportive of this project since its initial inception two years ago. We want to see this go through and we want to see it be an asset to the community and help our township with tourism,” he added.

The town board will next meet on June 9 in King Road Park.