Spring musicals and overpopulation

Every year I try to make the spring musical at Fredonia. I’m always amazed at the students’ talents. Because my husband and I were in the wig business, we took many trips to New York City. We always tried to take in Broadway shows. Then we would compare our local talent. It was surprising how many times our kids measured up. I admit we were prejudiced, but there is no denying our kids are good.

This year we went to see “Bye Bye Birdie.” It was great! I was a little disappointed in the local write-up because they said little about scenic design and costume design. I was amazed at how professional they were.

But in Saturday’s May 24 issue of the OBSERVER, I was thrilled to see Fredonia High School won Kenny Awards in four categories. It was no surprise that Michaela Tramuta won the best actress award. (Her family is multi-talented.) The ensemble award for best performance was worthy of the dancers. And then there it was – best scenic design, best costume design. These students competed in western N.Y. high school talent and walked off with four awards. I also want to compliment the orchestra and teachers. You never let us down.

Now I want to discuss something serious. I read in one of my magazines that the biggest problem in the world is overpopulation. This frustrates me.

Just last Saturday I attended a 90th birthday party. That used to be unheard of. Not today. Many people are living into their late nineties, and many over 100. What’s going on? Some of these people are still taking care of themselves, but some are living in homes and can’t remember much of anything. I had a friend who had $300,000. I considered her wealthy. Well, it all went to homes (two of them) to take care of her. Her children could have used some of it for their health problems. Is this common sense?

Do you know why the Social Security pension started at 65? That was considered a ripe old age. Not anymore. Think about your situation. I’m going to visit my doctor this morning. I’m going to remind him that I don’t want him to give me anything to prolong my life. I’ll take pain pills to help relieve pain, but that’s all.

I never thought I’d live this long. Sometimes, I ask myself: I wonder what I could have done if I’d been healthy? The secret is, I always felt healthy, and up until last year I had energy.

Someone asked me last week, “What would you change if you could go back and change your life?” Would you believe I couldn’t think of a thing? That’s why I greet everyone with “Have a great life!”