Congregation to rededicate church sanctuary on Sunday

SILVER CREEK – Everyone has gotten in on the action at First United Presbyterian Church of Silver Creek and the congregation is ready to rededicate the sanctuary after the restoration of the Chancel of the Church. The service of rededication will take place Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at Park Place in Silver Creek.

The chancel space, renovated in the 1960s, was not flexible enough for activities like the plays dramatized by the United Angels youth group and the regular bell choir performances. The original design of the chancel lends itself to flexibility and multiple purposes more than the 1960s changes ever did. A lectern (where scripture and announcements are read) will join the pulpit (where preaching takes place) at the front of the church. The console of the historic pipe organ will be repositioned. A new cross of oak will be hung.

A very successful capital campaign provided financial resources. Readying the sanctuary of the church demanded many talents and a lot of energy. Dick Schulenburg is chairman of the Property Committee, which oversaw the choice of contractor and organized the volunteers who painted, sanded, and cleaned. Pastor Thomas Burian not only inspired the work, but also joined the cleaning crew.

All are welcome for the service of rededication, and every Sunday besides. The church can be found on Facebook at First United Presbyterian Church, Silver Creek, N.Y.