Area, world praying for Billy

I am compelled to write this letter about the brutal assault which took place in the early hours of Sunday, May 11 inside Molly’s Pub in Buffalo.

I have known USAF Guardsmen/Crew Chief and Afghanistan war veteran William C. Sager, Jr. (or as we call him, Billy) for 11 years. My family has watched him grow up from a teenage boy to an upstanding young man. I’ve worked with him and along side of him, and been through life’s trials and tribulations together. I’m honored to call Billy my close friend and consider him to be my other son.

I hope Jeff Basil, Robert Eloff and Adam O’Shei’s family and friends are proud of them. Am I the only one who wonders if these supposed “police officers” went home that night and told their family over breakfast or during a Mother’s day celebration about the arrests they made in Molly’s Pub and how they protected and served the city of Buffalo? Or maybe how they made Mayor Byron Brown and Police Chief Daniel Derenda proud by assaulting an outstanding young man who chose to serve his country and had aspirations of becoming a New York State Trooper?

Maybe Jeff Basil impressed a few young women that fateful evening. To Mr. Basil, Mr. Eloff and Mr. O’Shei, you’ve certainly made a name for yourselves during the early hours of Sunday, May 11. The city of Buffalo is praying for Billy; the world is praying for Billy – and watching you.

Please continue to pray for Billy, Erika and their family. You could have received that dreaded telephone call in the early hours of Mother’s Day. This could have been your son, your brother, your father, your uncle.

Godspeed Billy. See you soon.

Gregory Cook is a resident of Prescott Valley, Ariz.


The OBSERVER received the following e-mail Thursday from Sager’s brother David:

Kelly family speaks to family of injured airman

Jill Kelly (wife of former?Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly) personally met with the family of William Sager Jr. She spoke about how hard it is to be in the hospital for loved ones for a long time.

We spoke about Jim’s recovery and how supportive the Western New York people could be.

Jill led us in a prayer for Bill, talking about how complicated hospital life can be and not knowing the outcomes. She was very nice. She told us how such a serious tragedy could bring total strangers together